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25 Crappie Fishing Lakes in Nevada

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I absolutely love fishing for crappie, and I’m thrilled to share my top 25 crappie fishing lakes in Nevada with you!


Why Choose Nevada for Crappie Fishing?

I must say, Nevada is a crappie angler’s paradise! This state offers a variety of fishing locations, making it exciting for anyone who loves to fish for crappie. Let me share with you some reasons why I think Nevada is a top choice for crappie fishing.

Firstly, the climate in Nevada is just perfect for crappie fishing. With its warm weather and mild winters, crappie can be found here throughout the year. You can go fishing anytime, whether you plan a trip in spring, summer, or fall. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Have I mentioned the staggering number of lakes in Nevada? Here’s a list of just a few where I’ve had great success catching crappie:

  • Lake Mead
  • Lake Mohave
  • Lake Tahoe
  • Lahontan Reservoir
  • Wildhorse Reservoir

Each of these lakes offers its unique fishing experience, and I can tell you, the thrill of reeling in crappie in these waters is unmatched.

One can’t overlook the amenities available to anglers in Nevada. Not only are there well-maintained fishing piers and boat ramps, but many lakes also have full-service marinas, making it easy to rent boats and purchase needed supplies. Additionally, local guides provide valuable tips and knowledge to help you make the most of your crappie fishing experience.

I also appreciate the efforts of Nevada’s wildlife agencies in stocking lakes with crappie and ensuring that the habitats are well maintained. This makes sure there’s a healthy and stable crappie population for anglers to enjoy. Plus, Nevada has generous daily bag limits, so you’ll always bring home a delightful catch!

Lastly, let’s not forget the scenic beauty of Nevada’s lakes. Surrounded by stunning landscapes, a day spent fishing on these bodies of water is truly an experience to savor. I find it incredibly rejuvenating to be out there, immersed in nature, with my line cast out, waiting for a crappie to bite.

crappie in hand

Top Crappie Lakes Nevada

Lake Tahoe

Famed for its beauty, Lake Tahoe is also an excellent crappie fishing destination. While the lake is primarily known for its trout and kokanee salmon populations, the black crappie here is not to be overlooked. Fish around submerged trees or docks as these are preferred hiding spots for crappie.

I was gently sliding my kayak into the cool, clear waters of Lake Tahoe in Nevada. I had been planning this solo crappie fishing trip for weeks, and the anticipation had built up to a crescendo. The kayak, a vibrant yellow Ocean Kayak Prowler 13, measuring a sleek 13 feet in length and roughly 28 inches in width, felt like an extension of my body as I settled into its comfortable seat.

The air was crisp, carrying the scent of pine from the surrounding forests, and the lake was a mirror, reflecting the awakening sky. I paddled out, the rhythmic splash of my oars syncing with the beat of my heart. My destination was a secluded cove I had heard about from an old-timer at the local bait shop, a place he promised was teeming with crappie.

As I navigated the kayak, I couldn’t help but marvel at the vastness of Lake Tahoe. Its surface area spread out over a staggering 191 square miles, and at its deepest point, the lake plunged to an impressive 1,645 feet. The clarity of the water was such that visibility could reach up to 75 feet on a good day, making it feel like I was floating on air rather than water.

I reached my spot just as the sun began to warm the back of my neck. I rigged my fishing rod, a 7-foot ultralight with a sensitive tip designed to feel the faintest nibble, and baited my hook with a live minnow. The tranquility was palpable, broken only by the occasional call of a loon or the distant lap of waves against the rocky shoreline.

It didn’t take long before I felt a tug on my line. Setting the hook with a practiced jerk, I was met with the spirited resistance of a crappie. The fight was exhilarating, the fish’s determination matched only by my own. After a spirited dance, I brought the crappie aboard, admiring its speckled pattern and the iridescent sheen that seemed to capture the colors of the morning sky. It was a respectable catch, easily measuring over 12 inches—a testament to the fertile waters of Lake Tahoe.

Throughout the day, the pattern repeated, with each catch bringing its own unique battle and beauty. I lost track of time, the world reduced to the arc of my rod and the stunning landscape that cradled me. By the time the sun began to dip behind the mountains, painting the sky in hues of orange and purple, my cooler was filled with the day’s bounty.

Exhausted yet content, I paddled back to shore under the watchful eyes of the stars beginning to twinkle above. The muscles in my arms ached pleasantly from the day’s exertions. As I loaded my kayak onto my truck, I couldn’t help but feel a profound sense of gratitude for the solitude and the connection to nature.

big crappie

Eagle Lake

Eagle Lake is my top choice for crappie fishing in Northern Nevada. With its clean, clear waters, it’s no wonder why the crappie here grow so big! Black crappie are quite abundant in this lake, making it a must-visit destination for all crappie enthusiasts. What I love most about this lake is the variety of underwater structures, which provide ideal habitats for crappie to hide and grow. To make the most of your visit, be sure to fish near submerged trees, rocks, and drop-offs.

Wildhorse Reservoir

Wildhorse Reservoir is an absolute gem in the crappie fishing world. The black and white crappie populations here are thriving, making this reservoir a top choice for anglers. I recommend fishing near weed beds, submerged structures, and brush piles where crappie tend to congregate. Hop on a boat, or even fish from the shore, and you’re sure to be reeling in crappie all day long!

Pyramid Lake

Pyramid Lake is another can’t-miss crappie fishing location in Northern Nevada. It has a robust population of white crappie, making it an ideal spot for anglers of all experience levels. Fish along the shoreline’s rocky points and don’t forget to try your luck near underwater structures where crappie tend to reside. Pyramid Lake is truly a crappie fishing haven that I’ll always return to.

Rye Patch Reservoir

Last but not least, Rye Patch Reservoir is a superb crappie lake in Northern Nevada. Enjoy the large population of black crappie that can be found here year-round. The best time to fish is in the early morning or evening, when these voracious eaters are most active. Toss your line near submerged vegetation and watch as the crappie bite!

Remember to respect the environment, follow fishing regulations, and make the most of your Northern Nevada crappie fishing adventures.

Ruby Lake

love crappie fishing at Ruby Lake! With its abundant aquatic vegetation, it’s no wonder crappie thrive here. The marshy areas are perfect for casting slip bobber rigs. To maximize my catches, I usually target areas near submerged structures like fallen trees or rocky drop-offs.

South Fork Reservoir

The South Fork Reservoir is a favorite of mine for its stunning views and healthy crappie population. There are several fishing piers where I like to drop a line. Pro tip: use minnows and jigs near the dam and inlet where crappies like to congregate.

Cave Lake

Cave Lake always delivers a great fishing experience, especially in the summer! I’ve found that crappies like to congregate near the deeper parts of the lake. When I fish here, I like to use:

  • Small jigs with a slow, steady retrieve
  • Minnows presented under slip bobbers
  • Brightly colored spinners to attract attention

Echo Canyon Reservoir

This beautiful reservoir is another crappie hot spot! Here’s my go-to strategy:

  1. Arrive in the early morning or late afternoon
  2. Use light spinning tackle with 4-6 lb test line
  3. Cast small jigs or live minnows near submerged structures

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for birds diving into the water, as they can often indicate feeding crappie!

black crappie

Illipah Reservoir

Lastly, the Illipah Reservoir offers excellent crappie fishing opportunities. I’ve found most success near:

Inlet areaTarget submerged brush, rock piles, and grass lines
Dam areaFish along the drop-offs and transitions in depth
Wind-sheltered covesLook for crappie suspended in the water column

It’s hard not to be excited about the fantastic crappie fishing found throughout eastern Nevada!

Walker Lake

I can’t help but get excited about fishing for crappie in Walker Lake! Known for its beautiful silver-gray color, the lake is home to both black and white crappie. Don’t forget your light fishing tackle with a variety of small jigs for catching these crappies.

Favorite fishing spots:

  • Sportsman Beach
  • Walker Lake State Park
  • Tamarack Beach

Topaz Lake

When it comes to crappie fishing in Nevada, Topaz Lake is a real gem. Situated along the Nevada-California border, it has a breathtaking view of the Sierra. I recommend using small tube baits to attract crappie and focusing on the early mornings and late evenings to catch them.

Spots to check out:

  1. Topaz Lodge Fishing Area
  2. NW shore
  3. Rush Creek

Washoe Lake

Washoe Lake is a hotspot for crappie fishing! It offers some fantastic opportunities to catch both black and white crappie in its cool, refreshing waters. Using minnows or small lures, it’s common for me to catch crappies throughout the day. Just be mindful that the lake’s water level fluctuates, affecting fish behavior!

Prime fishing locations:

  • Eastlake boat ramp
  • Little Washoe Lake
  • North boat ramp area

Sparks Marina Park Lake

Sparks Marina Park is a beautiful spot for not just crappie fishing but also for spending quality time in nature. Surrounded by walking trails and parks, it’s a great place to enjoy a day of fishing. The lake is stocked with both black and white crappie regularly. My top tip: focus on the underwater structures and be patient!

Favorite fishing spots:

  • NE shore
  • SW corner
  • Near docks and floating platforms

Donner Lake

Though not in Nevada, Donner Lake is just a short drive away! Known for its vast array of fish species, crappie fishing here is a fantastic experience. With a picturesque backdrop, Donner Lake has always been a place where I find solace and excitement while fishing. Using small jigs with bright colors will improve your chances!

Best crappie fishing locations:

  • West End Beach
  • China Cove
  • Donner Lake Marina & Watersports

Lake Mead

Lake Mead is a crappie fishing paradise! Located near Las Vegas, this massive reservoir offers endless opportunities for anglers of all skill levels. I love targeting the crappie around underwater structures like submerged trees, rock piles, and brush. A popular choice among anglers is the mini-jigs and live minnows combo, which has been proven to be quite effective.

Some key spots include:

  • Temple Bar
  • Government Wash
  • Gypsum Reefs

Lake Mohave

Another fantastic crappie hotspot in Southern Nevada is Lake Mohave, situated just south of Las Vegas. This reservoir boasts some of the finest shoreline access points in the state for crappie anglers. My personal favorite spots for fishing include:

  1. Willow Beach
  2. Cottonwood Cove
  3. Cabinsite Point

Remember to be patient while fishing, as the crappie in this lake can be quite elusive!

Sunset Park Pond

Don’t be fooled by its size – Sunset Park Pond offers some fantastic crappie fishing action! This urban pond, located within Sunset Park in Las Vegas, makes for a perfect quick fishing trip. The key to success here is using light tackle and small baits such as crappie jigs or live minnows. Be prepared for a fast and furious fishing experience!

Lorenzi Park Pond

I always find myself returning to Lorenzi Park Pond when I am in search of some crappie. This urban pond in North Las Vegas features several prime crappie fishing locations, particularly near the artificial reefs, docks, and shoreline vegetation. Remember to cast near the fishing platforms!

Boulder City Pond

Last but not least, Boulder City Pond is a hidden gem for crappie fishing enthusiasts! This small pond located in Boulder City features crystal clear waters and beautiful landscape. While fishing, I highly recommend using:

  • Small crappie jigs
  • Live minnows
  • Small spinners

With the right gear and a touch of patience, you’ll find yourself reeling in some substantial crappie in Southern Nevada’s hotspots!


Understanding Nevada’s Crappie Regulations

It’s crucial to follow Nevada’s fishing laws to avoid fines and protect crappie populations. The regulations include:

  • Crappie Limit: The daily bag limit for crappie is 15 per angler.
  • License: Make sure you have a valid Nevada fishing license on hand.

Now you’re all set to go out and enjoy fantastic crappie fishing in Nevada!

Local Crappie Fishing Tournaments and Events

I have always enjoyed participating in local tournaments and events focused on crappie fishing. They bring together anglers of all skill levels who share a common passion for crappie fishing. The following are some events that take place around Nevada’s crappie fishing lakes:

Annual Crappie Jamboree
Every spring, the Nevada Crappie Club hosts the Annual Crappie Jamboree at one of the state’s most popular crappie lakes. The event includes:

  • Competitive tournaments: Divisions for various age and skill levels, with cash prizes for the winners.
  • Crappie fishing workshops: Learn tips and tricks from experienced anglers and fishing guides.
  • Family-friendly activities: Games and entertainment for the whole family to enjoy.

Crappie Master’s Nevada Crappie Trail
The excitement continues with the statewide Crappie Master’s Nevada Crappie Trail. This series of tournaments takes place throughout the year at different crappie lakes in Nevada. The trail features:

  • Team-based competition: Teams compete to catch the heaviest crappie limit, consisting of 7 crappie per team.
  • Points system: Teams accumulate points based on their performance in each tournament, with the top teams qualifying for the Crappie Master’s National Championship.
  • Angler of the Year Award: The team with the highest point total at the end of the season is crowned Nevada’s Crappie Master Angler of the Year.

Crappie Fun Fest
Keep an eye out for the annual Crappie Fun Fest, typically held in the fall and centered around a beautiful Nevada crappie lake. This family-oriented event comes packed with activities such as:

  • Crappie cook-off: Local chefs and home cooks compete to create the tastiest crappie dishes, with a panel of judges as well as public voting.
  • Live music and entertainment: Enjoy some foot-tapping tunes from local bands and performers.
  • Crappie fishing seminars: Expert anglers share their knowledge on crappie fishing techniques and equipment.

I’m always eager to participate in these events and connect with fellow crappie enthusiasts. They are a perfect way to spend a weekend, improving my crappie fishing skills and making lifelong memories.




Conservation Efforts for Nevada’s Crappie Populations

I am excited to share the fantastic conservation efforts that have been put in place to maintain and improve Nevada’s crappie populations! The state’s wildlife department and local communities are working hand in hand to ensure that anglers can enjoy crappie fishing for years to come.

Initiatives and Programs

There are several initiatives and programs aimed at preserving crappie populations in our beloved lakes. One such initiative is the Nevada Department of Wildlife’s (NDOW) Catch and Release Program. This program encourages anglers to release the fish they catch, allowing them to spawn and maintain the lake’s ecosystem.

Another exciting initiative is the restocking efforts undertaken by NDOW. Restocking involves adding young crappie populations to lakes and reservoirs, ensuring a stable number of fish for future generations to catch. It’s refreshing to see these human-made efforts to replenish what nature provides us.

Nevada Crappie Conservation Partnership is another fantastic program promoting angler education and involvement in preserving crappie populations. Participants learn the importance of sustainable practices and get involved with habitat improvement projects.

Catch and Release ProgramEncourage anglers to release fish they catch
Restocking EffortsAdd young crappie populations to lakes and reservoirs
Nevada Crappie Conservation PartnershipEducate anglers on sustainable practices

Habitat Improvement

One aspect of the conservation efforts I love is the focus on habitat improvement. Through projects such as the construction of artificial fish habitats and aquatic vegetation plantings, the living conditions for crappie populations are continually enhanced. These projects help create an environment where crappie can thrive and reproduce, ensuring that the lakes remain robust fishing destinations for anglers.

Size and Bag Limits

In the interest of maintaining the crappie population in Nevada lakes, certain fishing regulations are in place. I encourage all fellow anglers to respect and follow these rules, which include:

  • The minimum legal size for crappie: 10 inches in total length
  • The daily bag limit: 15 crappie per angler

As an angler myself, I couldn’t be more thrilled about these conservation efforts in Nevada. These measures ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy the excitement of crappie fishing, just as I do!