Cody Kelley Fishing

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Cody Kelley is an amazing professional angler who’s really made a splash in the FLW Tour. He dove into professional fishing with a whole lot of heart and it’s been an incredible journey for him. Cody is especially awesome at catching big mouth bass, and he loves spending his days out on the water.

This guy has had some pretty cool achievements too! He totally rocked it at the Walmart FLW Tour event on Kentucky Lake in Tennessee. Can you believe he won the co-angler title with a whopping 54 pounds and 9 ounces of fish? That was his third time fishing at Kentucky Lake, and he just nailed it!


Cody’s from Conway, Arkansas, and his fishing stats are seriously impressive. He’s got 1 career win, made it into the top 10 four times, and has been in 81 fishing events. Plus, he’s been in the TITLE appearances once and has won an amazing $95,849! How cool is that? I would buy a new boat with that kind of cash.

Besides being a fantastic angler, Cody also does great stuff like participating in Fishing for a Cause. It’s clear he’s not just skilled but also has a big heart. Cody Kelley is a real star in the world of fishing, and his passion and dedication to the sport are just inspiring!

man with largemouth bass caught using fishing pole by lake

I have followed him on TV and online. This guy is the real deal. I love his bass fishing sweep technique.


In a nutshell, Cody Kelley isn’t just a professional angler; he’s a role model in the fishing community. With his blend of skill, passion, and a big heart, he’s definitely someone who brings a lot of joy and inspiration to the world of fishing!