Fishing has been my hobby for over 20 years. I have fished all around the world including 20 states in the US. Fishing isn’t just a hobby for me; it’s a way of life.

My favorite place to fish is the Kenai river in AK going for big king salmon like the 45lb one I caught there.

My second favorite place is Bass fishing in Texas lakes. I usually use a kayak so I can cover a wide area. I fish for Large mouth and striped bass mostly because they are fighters and fun to catch.

My third favorite place to fish is the ocean. I have caught some large and unusual fish from the Pacific, Atlantic, and Gulf of Mexico. There is nothing more exciting than fishing with sharks around! They are not afraid of anything.

When I’m not out on the water, you can find me tying flies or swapping stories at the local bait shop. I believe in the simple joys of life: a good day’s catch, the company of friends, and the endless beauty of Texas waters.

I’m always happy to share a tip or two with fellow anglers or anyone interested in the art of fishing. So, if you’re ever down in the Lone Star State, looking for some fishing adventures, give me a holler!